Bile-Adsorbing Resin (BAR) Formulation (click to see Cambridge University video)

The bacterial vectors are lyophilised when formulated in capsules for oral delivery (a drinkable formulation is used for young children). Whilst enteric-coated capsules protect against hydrochloric acid in the stomach, the lyophilised bacteria are then released into the small intestine where they are exposed to bile, resulting in a significant reduction in viability.

Prokarium has an exclusive license to a Bile-Adsorbing Resin (BAR™) formulation, co-developed with the University of Cambridge, which preserves the bacterial viability in the small intestine until their natural bile resistance is restored. BAR enables the toxic bile salts to be excluded from the bacteria whilst allowing water to penetrate and achieve rehydration. When the capsule finally dissolves, the revitalised bacteria are able to survive in bile concentrations that would not be tolerable in a lyophilised state (Edwards et al. 2010).