Prokarium Ltd is a pre-clinical and clinical stage SME with a dual business model: Out-licensing of its Vaxonella oral vaccine delivery platform, as well as development of in-house oral vaccines, currently a dual diarrhoea and typhoid vaccine as well as a Clostridium difficile vaccine. Research & development is progressing well with the financial support of Swedish investor Thomas Eldered. Prokarium is currently raising a Series A round to finance phase I and phase IIb clinical trials to commence in 2014.

If you are interested to know more about investing in Prokarium, please contact us or download the following investor presentation and associated audio files:

Prokarium Presentation 7 Jan 2014

Audio 1 Prokarium Company Overview and Technologies

Audio 2a Prokarium Products Markets and Competitive Advantages

Audio 2b Prokarium Page 19 and onwards

Audio 3 Prokarium Clinical Development and Conclusion

Partnering with organisations interested in using the Vaxonella® platform is also a priority for Prokarium. If you have a vaccine candidate that you want to evaluate in an oral vaccine delivery platform, with the advantages of a single manufacturing platform, strong mucosal immune response and ease of manufacture, then we can offer to clone your antigens quickly and cheaply into our platform for you to evaluate in your established preclinical models. For more details on the advantages of oral delivery using Vaxonella, see the Technology section.