Dr Ricardo Moreira

Senior Scientist

Ricardo graduated in Microbiology at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Portugal) and completed his PhD in Biology at the Instituto de Tecnologia Quimica e Biológica, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal) in 2011. His research was focused on bacterial cell division and post-transcriptional control of gene expression. After his PhD, his postdoctoral studies were mainly related with bacterial and fungi biofilm formation, as well as virulence in Salmonella. He was a visiting research fellow at Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia-CSIC (Spain) where he acquired knowledge on eukaryotic cell culture manipulation and invasion/infection assays. In 2016, he did a postdoc at the Department of Molecular Microbiology, VIB, KU Leuven (Belgium) where he developed competences on yeast molecular biology and infection. Ricardo joined Prokarium as a Senior Scientist in 2016.