Dr Rocky Cranenburgh

Chief Scientific Officer

Rocky is the CSO and co-founder of Prokarium. Rocky completed a Ph.D. in genomics of cyanobacteria at Newcastle University in 1997 and joined Cobra Biologics later that year. He spent two years from 1998 at the University of Oxford in a research collaboration, and then relocated to Cobra’s headquarters at Keele, Staffordshire in 2000. Rocky managed Cobra’s molecular biology group, which conducted numerous internal R&D projects and contracts for biopharmaceutical companies in the field of recombinant protein and DNA production. Rocky was involved in spinning Prokarium out from Cobra, and he has developed several new genetic technologies and vaccine candidates, and currently manages the development of vaccines for Chlamydia, C. difficile, human rhinovirus, plague, Zika virus and bacterial diarrhoea.